Stopgap State Budget Passed

Legislators and the Governor passed a stopgap state budget yesterday.   How does it directly impact SU?  Not at all.  We’ve been fortunate that our residential and developmental training services have been paid all along due to a court order.  With no exaggeration, we would have closed by now were it not for this court […]

Christmas Party

The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association put together a wonderful Christmas Party for our residents  yesterday. Pictured are Mary Ellen Lair, Jane Soltis, Santa Claus, Anna Mae Negray, Amy Strawn. They hosted a luncheon, played Holiday Bingo, sang Christmas carols, and Santa handed out gift bags for the residential program which included all five homes. […]


Heading into autumn with a variety of activities: A nice trip to Spring Lake Park–check out the photos on our Facebook page. Another batch of jalapeno jelly made from our garden. Continuing preparations for Food for Thought. Looking at starting a car detailing business at the Streator Incubator. We got a new medium-duty lift van […]

Survey Says

We added the 2015 state survey of our day and residential programs to our Documents and Reports page.  We were pleased to have scores of 97% and 99%.  These are unannounced surveys.  The day program is surveyed every year while the residential program is surveyed every 3 years.  We live the rules and do our […]

Budget Season

Once again, we head into state budget season.  Governor Rauner’s Budget Address is all over the news.  What would his proposed budget mean for SU?  Somewhat surprisingly, in a kind-of-a-good way, our rates for day program and residential were not cut.  The chart below demonstrates that not being cut is not all it’s cracked up […]

Survey Says

2012 State Survey Report We just finished our annual state survey of our day and residential programs.  We were really happy to come out at 99.6% on our Developmental Training Program and 100% on our CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) Residential Program.  You can see the forms DHS uses when they do surveys at their […]

State of the States

The annual State of the States survey is out. Noted was that 14 states (not Illinois) no longer have state institutions.  We are behind Texas and New Jersey as the third highest institutional census.  We are number one in utilization of 7-15 person residential settings.  The new home will allow SU to downsize Knox from […]

Ligas Settlement

The Ligas lawsuit settlement has been approved. This is great news for people with developmental disabilities who live in large residential settings. They will be allowed to take their funding with them and transition to smaller settings. Over the next few years the settlement will also require Illinois to take 3,000 people off the 21,000-person […]

Facts, figures, and mercy pleas

This information is from the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, 25 April 2011. NUMBER OF INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES RECEIVING MEDICAID FUNDED SERVICES IN ILLINOIS: 3,600 adults receive Home Based Services under HCBS Waiver 1,300 children receive HBS through the Waiver 8,700 adults in CILAs 1,100 adults in other residential, non-CILA settings 6,500 in DD […]