Serving Individuals with Disabilities since 1965
New Federal Rules on Subminimum Wage
There is a building nationwide movement to end subminimum wage, or "piece-rate," as you may have heard it phrased.   New Federal rules make it much more difficult for a person to be paid in such a manner.  Though a person can enter our programs in the same way as they always have, they'll need to obtain a lot of documentation in order to be paid by piece rate. We have mixed feelings about thi...
Slightly older news, but a first-time mention in this paper.   Our focus is always our mission to serve adults with disabilities, but we do so many small things that impact the community that is so supportive of us.
SU received a statewide recognition award.  We are very proud of our achievements!
Budget Season, Such as it is here in Illinois
UW Findings The Illinois United Way put out a survey of the impact of the budget impasse here in Illinois.  Simply put, it has been horrific.  As for the impact on SU, it has been thankfully minimal.  Because of court orders we have continued to be paid for our services.  The only thing that hasn't been paid has been our janitorial contract at the Illinois State Police Headquarters in LP. ...
Annual Report
Visit our Documents and Reports page to see our FY15 Annual Report.
Article on State Budget
SU was mentioned in a state budget article.  They mention the DON score.  That doesn't not have a direct impact on SU's funding from the state.  It does impact some of the people who live on their own or with family who receive services through the Division of Rehabilitation Services Home Services Program though.  Still, we find this uncharted state budget territory to be nerve-wracking, even ...
Happy October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month!  Work/Employment is a major part of what we do at SU.  We have work on-site for our consumers in our workshop, from the powder coat paint line to washing totes to packaging and dip tubes.  We support people off-site, at the LaSalle State Police Headquarters and US Foods.  Consumers work in the community in a variety of Streator bus...
Annual State of the States Report
The annual State of the States Report is ready.  If you look at the state scorecard link, Illinois sadly remains near the bottom at 47.  There doesn't appear to be any discussion in Springfield about how to get our rating to a place that reflects the great state we are.
Criminal Justice
A great article on the interaction of learning/developmental disabilities and the criminal justice system.  We at SU have supported people though such issues.  We can have an incredible impact on a person's life by helping them stay out of jail or prison and become independent, self-supporting tax-payers.  If you're a state faced with difficult funding decisions based on lack of resources, this...
Survey Says
We added the 2015 state survey of our day and residential programs to our Documents and Reports page.  We were pleased to have scores of 97% and 99%.  These are unannounced surveys.  The day program is surveyed every year while the residential program is surveyed every 3 years.  We live the rules and do our best every day so don't mind them being unannounced, other than carving the time out of...


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There are a number of ways you can help:

  • Shop through Amazon’s non-profit program and select SU as your charity!
  • Register your Kroger card here.
  • Make a monetary donation.
  • Donate household items to Flip’s Exchange: and designate the money from the sale to go to Streator Unlimited.
  • Take your recyclable materials to Micheal’s Recycling and designate the money from the sale to go to Streator Unlimited.
  • Use the charity program when you sell on Ebay: to donate all or part of your sale to Streator Unlimited.
  • Businesses/Employers: Call us when you have job openings. There are many reasons to hire people with disabilities: to gain motivated and dependable employees, fill hard-to-fill positions, support the local economy, and generate good will. Some employers also qualify for tax incentives by employing people with disabilities.
  • Make an “in Kind” donation. Streator Unlimited accepts donations on behalf of people served. Particularly sought are activity and craft supplies, new toiletries, food and drink donations.
  • Bring your white office paper for recycling.
  • Volunteer. Do you have a talent or skill to share with our consumers? Would you like to help out with a fundraiser.
  • Support and attend local fundraisers.
  • “Like” us on Facebook.
  • Come for a tour and get others to as well. It never fails that people are surprised when they see all the things we do. The people know us the better.
  • Support the Streator Unlimited Foundation. It was established by a group of parents/supporters in 1996 to raise funds to make the lives of consumers at Streator Unlimited better. Each Year, 90% of interest income is given through a grant process. This is also a perfect way to make bequests.
  • If you’re an eligible Thrivent Financial member and have Choice Dollars® available to direct, please keep us in mind. For more info or to direct Choice Dollars, call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice.” Or click here.
  • Contributions directed to Streator Unlimited, Incorporated are used to support day-to-day operations. Donations may also be restricted to a specific program or service. You can donate online here. Donations may also be mailed to:

Streator Unlimited, Inc.
PO Box 706
Streator, IL 61364



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