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Ranking the States Once Again
Illinois is once again near the bottom of the annual Case for Inclusion Rankings.  Disability Scoop has a short article.  You can get the full report and a lot of state-by-state detail at the main site.  Illinois can do better in supporting people with developmental disabilities!!!
Budget season begins
OK, sort of.  Governor Quinn's Budget Address won't come until late March, but articles have begun.  Much will depend on whether the temporary tax increase, set to expire at the end of this year, is extended or not.  It seems doubtful we'll find out until the lame duck session following the November elections.  So, we'll probably end up with a budget of which we can be confident for only the f...
In case it should be a use, a link to a toolkit to support physicians in effectively communicating with adults who have intellectual disabilities.
FY13 Annual Report
Our FY13 Annual Report goes out in the mail today.  It was a busy year.  Check it out on the "Documents and Reports" page.
Today’s Article
Awesome article today on Mandi.  Don't miss her booth at Food for Thought Saturday!!!
Front Page News
Awesome article in The Times today, part of a series running all week long as we lead up to Food for Thought this Saturday.
Around the building today
Lots going on today...paint, salt bags, belts, dip tubes, someone just walked in with some shredding, new bubble lamps in one of the classrooms, things growing in the garden, the new smart TVs....  It's a nice day today.    
As termed by this article, the "reprieve" has been lovely for SU.  This temporary catch-up of past-due state payments, coupled with a few beautifully-timed and generous donations, has allowed us to take care of some things in need of attention:  paint and flooring for Fitzsimmons and Ralph Plumb, improvement of our garden area out back of the main building, some classroom supplies, and more comm...
The Presentation
Our own Ben Dagay and Sherri Stephens traveled down to Springfield yesterday.   They were asked by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities to be speakers at the State of Illinois Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities Awards Ceremony.  Ben talked about his job at the State Police Headquarters in LaSalle-Peru.  He was a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.  He's hol...
Survey Says
Today our state surveyor showed up unannounced at 8:30 for the annual review of our Developmental Training Program.  They look at a wide variety of things...policies, consumer files, staff files, the physical building, governance, and do interviews with consumers and direct care staff.  It went very well.  We got a 99% score.  A scan of the survey report is on our Documents and Reports page.


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This challenging economic environment is the perfect time for businesses to avail themselves of our services.  When you’re already in a mode of accommodating external economic conditions you need to be able to make internal adjustments in order to stay efficient and effective.  Consultation from SUCCESS can help you to identify new ways to look at responsibilities and work patterns in your business.  Also, the people we serve can sometimes access funds to support their employment.  This could potentially pay for a piece of equipment your business needs if it gives the person an opportunity for a job.  What makes more sense than seizing an opportunity to bring a good employee into your workplace and also access resources to make your business grow?

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