Serving Individuals with Disabilities since 1965
Survey Says
We added the 2015 state survey of our day and residential programs to our Documents and Reports page.  We were pleased to have scores of 97% and 99%.  These are unannounced surveys.  The day program is surveyed every year while the residential program is surveyed every 3 years.  We live the rules and do our best every day so don't mind them being unannounced, other than carving the time out of...
Once Again, That Time of Year
It's Illinois State Budget Season once again.  Time for our annual hoping (not much of that in recent years) and fearing (sadly, with good cause in recent years).  It will be especially harrowing this year with a new Governor in the mix.  Currently, he, the Senate Democrats, and the House Democrats, are a long ways apart on their negotiation positions.  It is very difficult to project what wil...
FY14 Annual Report
Our annual report is now available--just click on the "Documents and Reports" link at the right.  As  you'll see on the first page, please plan to come to SU's 50th Anniversary Party between 4-7 pm on Thursday, May 7, 2015!!!!!
DSP Article
Another great article in The Times, this one on DSP Recognition Week.  One additional thing to note about Ginger--Mandy commented that Ginger enjoys her job so much that sometimes she starts dancing while she's working!
Renner Article
A great article in the Times on Saturday on our Assistant Residential Director Lisa Renner.  We are so lucky to have her here at SU.  
Title VI Notices
On the "Documents and Reports" page we have put up federally required notices for consumers who utilize our transportation services.
On the Radio
Go here to listen to an interview on WSPL.  Sherri Stephens and Ellie Eccleston talk about their work with the people we serve!
We updated the signage on the side of our vans.  We're hoping to generate more paper and hard drive shredding jobs for us.  We really like how it turned out.
Survey Says…
DHS dropped by unannounced for their annual survey of our Developmental Training Program today.  They look at many things:  clinical records, personnel records, safety and human rights committees, policies, site walk-through, staff and consumer interviews, etc.  We got a perfect 100% score this year!!!  Kudos to the SU Team for their dedication and hard work.
Closure Update
Survey analysis from parents/guardians of persons who moved out of the state institution in Jacksonville.  It shows that tremendous fear at the outset of the process led to satisfaction with the outcome. JDC Data Brief


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Our Mission

Streator Unlimited, Inc. is committed to enriching the lives of adults with disabilities by teaching skills

that will enable them to reach their fullest potential, live as independently as possible, and become

integrated into the community.

  • Begun in 1965 by a group of community leaders and family members, Streator Unlimited has grown to offer vocational training and residential services in six locations within the Streator Area. We are 401(3)(3) nonprofit with an 11-person volunteer Board of Directors.
  • Here is Streator Unlimited in one page

Quick SU Facts:

  • Number of people served: 82
  • Number of employees: 54
  • Size of operating budget: $2.3 million/year
  • Size of main building: 72,601 square feet
  • One of the ten largest employers in Streator

Streator Unlimited is funded to provide services by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the La Salle County Mental Health Board, subcontract work, the Streator Area United Wat, and donations/fundraisers.



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